Should you Restore or Replace?

With any old car there is a difficult balancing act between restoring original parts or replacing them with 'new'. It all comes down to what is repairable to an acceptable standard and what is available either 'NOS' (new old stock) or 'reproduced' and there is I'm afraid no simple answer.

VW Bug ChangesWhilst in it's 60 year plus production life the 'Beetle' kept it's same basic shape and layout, Volkswagen themselves made changes and 'improvements' over the years adding heated rear screens, fuel injection, increased window sizes, different interior trim etc. etc. Many surviving cars are now an amalgam of different production eras, either because owners didn't know the differences, or preferred the different looks.

Number one priority though for any 'restoration' has to be that a car needs to be safe to drive. A car was built to be driven and enjoyed, Not simply made shiny just to sit in a garage or museum, or be trailered from show to show....

VW Bug Pre War'Originality' which is what some buyers want can attract higher prices, but is very hard to find these days and most Classic Car buyers just want something to use and enjoy.

In the case of JDF 240D a lot of safety related parts had to be replaced and 'tin worm' (rust) had taken it's toll bearing in mind the car is over 50 years old. Personally I'm happy that it's survived and is useable.

So, what work has already been done to JDF 240D?

It had a body off, no expense spared rebuild by the previous owner in 2020 at a cost that far outweighed the purchase price for us. Buying and restoring an old car invariably costs far more than the 'market value' that can be achieved. We have 'been there and done that' with our previous car a 1952 Citroen Traction Avant and did not want to go down that route again.

Restored ChassisThe chassis... was restored with new floors and a complete new braking system including brake master and 4 slave cylinders, all new copper pipes, all new rubber flexi pipes, new brake shoes front and rear, new hub seals, new gearbox mounts, new shock absorbers, new front adjusters, new floor pans.

New clutch cable and accelerator cables, suspension bushes, brand new wheels (a 1970's option, not standard) and tyres, lowered on adjusters with the rear suspension slightly lowered 1 spline and painted in Black 2 pack paint.

The Engine... is a reconditioned 1,192 cc unit that has been stripped, all seals etc. etc replaced and tuned with hardened valve seats to run on un leaded petrol.

The Electrics... were upgraded to 12 volt from the original 6 volt.

The body shell... has had new heater channels (they are prone to rot), rear quarter panels, rear suspension hangers and front wheel well (where the spare sits), along with 4 wings painted underneath inside and out and finished in 2 pack paint with the body and wings in Ice Mint Green (LD6H) with a contrasting VW Pastel White (L90D) lower sides.

The Exterior... has new bumpers and hangers, window seals, window scrapers, new ‘Raider’ wheels and tyres, new side trim, new running boards.

The Interior... has a new head liner, sun visors, newly re trimmed seats, new carpets.

However despite the long list of advertised 'repairs', after going through the car some 'finishing' works are needed, like completing the heater ducting, flattening and polishing the paint some more, adjusting the locks and hinges, replacing some 'tired' rubber seals etc. plus we will do some additional work like changing the seat belts, adding LED lights etc. but nothing major. We are not going full 'Custom Cal look' just making some small improvements to the works all ready carried out and where we can, keeping the car usable. As this is done we will document it separately here

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