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What is JDF 240D?

'JDF 240D'. is a 'restored' 1966 1200cc Volkswagen 'Beetle' with some mild modifications from the original factory specification which are listed on the Restore or Replace Page .

This Volkswagen ‘Beetle’ was originally built in 1966, at the German 'Wolfsburg factory' in the year England beat Germany in the World Cup (and the current keepers got married!) then registered for use in the UK in November of that year.

Why buy an older Beetle? well it was the car I actually passed my driving test in back in 1972. Since retiring in 2009 we have had several different 'Classics' (most of which weren't in that category when we first drove them!) however finding a replacement for our 1952 Citroen Traction Avant meant finding something that will fit in our garage which somewhat limit's the choice.

We are getting to old to climb in and out of MGB's, Minis etc. and wanted a Right Hand Drive car where parts were readily available (should they ever be needed) and the regular maintenance requirements were not to onerous (14 grease nipples every 450 miles and an oil change every 1,500 miles in a Traction Avant). So after some discussion came to the conclusion that a 'Beetle' would be ideal. Yes the rear access is not great but most of the time there will only be 2 people in the car anyway. Finding the right car to buy though was key.

The VW Beetle or Volkswagen Type 1, was commissioned in the 1930s by Adolf Hitler as the "people's car" (or Volks Wagen in German) and was designed by Ferdinand Porsche. The car formed the basis for some military vehicles during World War 2

From 1938–2003 21,529,464 built in Germany and later in Australia, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa with 'assembly' from 'kits' in many other countries.

The Basics of a BeetleSome 1,593 1200cc Beetles are licensed and are still in use on roads in the UK, along with another circa 4,000 of other variants still in use, so they are not 'rare'. However they are practical, cheap to maintain and run and are popular with 'customisers' which is not really 'our scene' so will be keeping further changes to a minimum, maybe even going back to more of a 'stock' finish, however that's still to be decided...

For those that are not familiar with the VW 'BUG' the image above (from a USA specification car) shows the basic layout of all the 'Air Cooled' Beetles produced with the engine and gearbox at the rear.

It's Air Cooled engine (much loved by Ed China) ranges in size from the original 1,100cc units upward to 2,000cc+ now produced by some specialists, but all share the same basic 'Flat Four' design as originally used by Porsche however JDF 240D is a stock 1,192cc unit.

EngineThe Performance... The air cooled 1,192cc engine is rated at 40 bhp (41 PS; 30 kW) at 3900 rpm with 88 Nm (65 lbft) at 2400 rpm of torque.

0 – 60 mph is not the fastest but it will get there! Top speed 72 mph. Fuel Economy is around 30 mpg.

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